What's Green with Us?

#WILVORSTGreenWedding captivates with many natural and sustainable materials. We use pure new wool cloths with natural stretch and in young and fresh colours, made in Italy with azo-free dyes. For the interior we use viscose linings from Krefeld. Viscose is a chemically manufactured fibre which is similar to cotton. In spite of the chemical processing it is wrong to call viscose an artificial fibre because it consists of natural cellulose and which is treated with azo-free dyes. Furthermore, we use tagua nut buttons: This nut is either called tagua nut or corozo nut which is a seed of a palm which belongs to the ancient phytelephas plant species. The scientific name phytelephas macrocarpa means in English "large and fruity plant ivory". The nut is particulary found in South America where it is organically grown and harvested. It is ground and pressed into its button shape. Afterwards the button holes are drilled and the buttons are dyed - with azo-free dyes, of course. The accessories follow this trend: The innovative knitted bow ties with knitted pocket squares are made of 100% silk.


All products are designed and developed with love of detail in the Lower Saxonian town of Northeim and made with the highest quality standards in Germany as well as the European Union


Reduced transport routes mean environmental responsibility: Many elements of the #WILVORSTGreenWedding collection come from Germany and the European Union


Chemicals have no chance with the Green Wedding collection. We exclusively use materials from Italy which were treated with azo-free dyes.  


Fair production: All WILVORST staff membes in Germany and the European Union are paid fair wages and they work under fair working conditions. You'll find more details on our main website www.wilvorst.de 


Deceleration: With regard to our designs we ensured that the wedding suits, waistcoats and bow ties are timeless. Thus the groom can wear the Green Wedding look after his wedding with a different styling just like that.


Photo location: In order to avoid doing unnecessary harm to the environment with travelling far we had our photo shoots in Germany.

Bridal jewellery and accessories: The bridal jewelley and accessories were placed at our disposal by BeWooden. This company attaches much importance to sustainability and grants a lifelong gurantuee on its products.

Wedding dresses: The wedding dresses we used during our photo shoots are sustainable. They were placed at our disposal by Rike Winterberg from Hanover who offers sustainable wedding fashion made in Germany.

Catalogue: In order to avoid using paper and thus to save ressources even more we developed a catalogue with a double advantage (brochure and poster), so we  save additional paper for posters.

Decoration: The decorative items used for the photo shoots and our exhibition stands mainly consists of heirlooms, loans from museums as well as second hand and fair trade shops. Furthermore we attached importance to primarily use natural materials.

Paper and print: We respect sustainability here, too.

Eco-friendly hangers from Italy: Mainetti is the first company that offers a range of environmentally sustainable products. These come from renewable ressources, here the hangers are made of Liquid Wood. Mainetti makes this liquid wood solely from wooden waste.

Hang tag: Our hang tag is not only printed on ecological paper but at the same time it is a bouquet of flowers. Simply put on soil, water, wait and enjoy some summer flowers.

Wooden button: We refrain from using plastics or metal stickers and instead we concentrate on wooden buttons on the lapel.