How to Get Married Eco-Friendly

We've Got Tips for Your Environmentally Friendly Wedding

A sustainable wedding suit is just one of the many possibilities to make your wedding sustainable and either in part or in full eco-friendly. We've compiled a few things which may offer inspiration for your planning of your GREEN WEDDING,


Do you want to celebrate a stunning green wedding, be a handsome green groom and a fabulous green bride? There are quite a few books which offer useful information and inspiration which may help you to plan your GREEN DREAM WEDDING We'd like to show you this one:

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Sustainable table decoration matching with your sustainable wedding suit. Would you like to decorate your wedding table in a natural and sustainable manner - matching with the sustainable wedding suit? Old silver from the flea market, flowers from your region, birch branches from the local wood, seasonal fruit and fairly produced candles are ideal for decorating any wedding table in a stylish and natural way. Our tip: Often you find wonderful decorative items at your parents' or grandparents' house, like old tableware, cutlery, vases but also picture frames which can serve as wonderful decoration. Sustainable wedding suit & sustainable table decoration.


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Eco-friendly alternatives to classic invitations can convince with their design and sight and look wonderful, too. Environmental-friendly paper and sustainable wedding suits and bridal dresses are just perfect! Our tip: flowering invitations. What else can you do in order to make your wedding even more sustainable? Our tip: sustainable confetti made from flower seeds: sustainable confetti from Kassel.