What's SUSTAINABLE with Green Wedding?

Our GREEN WEDDING sustainability icons show you at a glance which issues we concentrate on with our GREEN WEDDING collection. Should you be interested in more comprehensive information on these topics just read the detailed description for each icon below on this page.


Do you want to celebrate a #FAIRwedding? Here you learn what's GREEN with our GREEN WEDDING collection and what we attach importance to. Fairness, sustainability and future-oriented thinking are highly important to Green Wedding - true to the slogan #FAIRwedding #FAIRheiratet. As the first manufacturer of festive menswear WILVORST offers you sustainable wedding suits and thus the company captures the spirit of the time. Read here what's GREEN with WILVORST.


Sustainable materials: For our suits we use pure new wool cloths with natural stretch, complemented by newly developed natural materials like linen, made in Italy and Germany, in young and fresh colours. We combine them with natural features like viscose linings or colour-matched tagua nut buttons. For waistcoats we offer accessories made of pure silk. New: accessories of slate

WILVORST GreenWedding - sustainable wedding suits -  captivates through many sustainable and natural materials: We use pure new wool with natural stretch in young and fresh colours, made in Italy as well as Germany with azo-free dyes. Amongst others we buy the outer fabrics from the Marzotto group which invests enormously in the protection of the environment and its staff. The headquarters of the Marzotto group is in Valdagno in the north eastern province of Vicenza, where approximately 21 million meters of wool cloth are produced which accounts for ca. 12% of the worldwide offer. Meanwhile, the group believes that certifications of the protection of the environment and social standards are strategically important.

In addition, we use viscose linings from Italy for the interior of the jackets. Viscose is a chemically manufactured fibre which looks similar to cotton.  In spite of the chemical processing it is wrong to call viscose an artificial fibre because it consists of natural cellulose and which is treated with azo-free dyes. Sustainability continues to be applied to the accessories. We offer innovative and knitted bow ties with knitted pocket squares made of 100% silk. Furthermore, we use tagua nut buttons: This nut is either called tagua nut or corozo nut which is a seed of a palm which belongs to the ancient phytelephas plant species. The scientific name phytelephas macrocarpa means in English "large and fruity plant ivory". The nut is particulary found in South America where it is organically grown and harvested. After the production of the blanks the latter soak in water for ca. 20 hours so that the pores open and the button swells. Only thus the dye can perfectly enter later on. Afterwards the button is shaped and dyed and the added moisture is removed again. This procedure, too, take approximately 20 hours.  Thanks to the natural quality of the nuts each button is unique and this is exactly what makes a sustainable wedding suit.


All our products are designed and developed with love of detail in the Lower Saxonian town of Northeim and made with the highest quality standards in the European Union. Sustainable wedding suits made in the EU. 



We take fair production for granted: All  WILVORST staff members are paid fair wages and salaries and work under fair working conditions. 



Sustainable wedding suits without chemicals: Chemicals have no chance with the Green Wedding collection: We exclusively use materials from Italy which were treated with azo free dyes. Sustainable wedding suit means no chemicals are used. Sustainable wedding suit by Green Wedding.



Reduced transport routes mean environmental responsibility: Many elements of the #WILVORST GreenWedding collection come from Germany as well as the European Union. Our printers which print our brochures are located in Northeim. 


Green Wedding stands for deceleration and a long life cycle of the product: With regards to our designs we ensured that the wedding suits, waistcoats and bow ties are timeless. Thus the groom can wear the Green Wedding Look after his wedding with a different styling just like that. A sustainable wedding suit also stands for deceleration.


In addition, we didn't forget about the famous trappings. For instance, we opted for sustainable hangers which were newly developed in Italy. Furthermore, our products are adorned with special and sustainable goodies like hangtags with flower seeds which can be planted and its flowers may serve as the bridal bouquet. Moreover a Green Wedding brand label was developed as well as a new button made of olive wood.


Photo location: In order to not burden our environment unnecessarily with far trips it goes without saying that we took the pictures of our latest collection in Germany. This makes our sustainable wedding suits even more sustainable.

Bridal jewelery and accessories: BeWooden provided us with bridal jewelery and accessories for the photo shoots of our Green Wedding collection. This company attaches much importance to sustainability, lifelong garantee is granted on the products. Sustainable wedding suits and sustainable trappings.

Wedding dresses: The wedding dresses we use for our photo shoots are sustainable. These were placed at our disposal by Rike Winterberg from Hanover who offers sustainable wedding fashion made in Germany. Perfect with sustainable wedding suits.

Decoration: The decorative items that we use for our photo shoots and booths at exhibitions are mostly heirlooms, loans from museums and second hand and fair trade shops. Furthermore, we paid attention to primarily natural materials.

Paper and prints: We set value on these, too, because sustainable wedding suits can only fit together with sustainable paper. Furthermore, we have our brochures printed at a local printing company where both the production process and the colours are sustainable.

Hangers: Environmental friendly hangers from Italy are used for our sustainable wedding suits. Mainetti is the first company with a range of hangers made from ecologically sustainable products. These come from renewable ressources, from liquid wood to be precise. Mainetti produces liquid wood solely from wood waste. Thus, our sustainable wedding suits are perfectly rounded off.

Hangtag: Our hangtag is not only printed on ecological paper but simultaneously it's a flower bouquet. Simply put the hangtag on soil, water it and enjoy some summer flowers. Our sustainable wedding suit has a bouquet as an additional value.

Website: Our company's website is hosted by Mittwald, a German company which works 100% climate-neutrally. More information HERE.